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Elliott Quinton L.L.C

Elliott Quinton L.L.C is home to various creative endeavors birthed from life experiences and raw emotion. eloQuint finds comfort in the ability to detail thoughts from his mind to paper succinctly. The pen name was implemented by conjoining Elliott and Quinton while playing off the word eloquent and its definition, capitalizing only the "Q" attributing to his childhood nickname. Diverse encounters have shaped the content scribbled on pages of countless notebooks and keystroked documents such as Adverse Childhood Experiences, and collegiate and professional basketball careers. His ever-growing faith in God, being a single father, Alopecia Areata, advocate for injustice, educator, entrepreneur, and more. eloQuint uses his talent to develop a platform spreading awareness as well as shedding light on matters that have personally affected him.

Quinton Elliott Marshall is the brains behind eloQuint and Elliott Quinton L.L.C, born July 24, 1993, in Rochester, NY, and moving to Raleigh, NC at the age of nine.  Around that time is when he found a passion for books, falling in love with a series called Redwall by Brian Jacques which set an early tone for his favorite genre and a connoisseur of sequential books. He consumed Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz, Alex Cross by James Patterson, Left Behind by Tim LaHaye, and Jerry B. Jenkins. Eventually evolving into thriller series involving Mitch Rapp by Vince Flynn, Scot Harvath by Brad Thor, Jack Reacher by Lee Child, Gabriel Allon by Daniel Silva, Oliver Stone by David Baldacci, Joe Pike by Robert Crais as well as a plethora of other authors, and genres reading over 20 books over childhood summers.

The way the authors scripted the characters and entranced their readers by portraying a picture filled with words forced readers to keep flipping the page. This inspired Q to become an author himself, wanting to be able to outline the book in a way he saw fit. He unsuccessfully tried to write two books as a young teenager underestimating his talent and not fully understanding the necessity of preparation. Dedicated to basketball, he played in multiple leagues and put in the work to make it to the next level, getting a scholarship was Q's focus.

After attending Leesville Road High School in Raleigh, NC he then went on to play at a Prep school named Charis Prep in Wilson, NC. There he obtained a full-ride scholarship from The Citadel Military College of South Carolina, graduating in 2016 and playing a short tenure professionally in Germany and the Netherlands that same year.

Also in 2016, was the birth of his first blessing Amelia Janelle. The situation surrounding the matter has been less than ideal and has caused a lot of pain and emotions, Q, needed an outlet which resulted in writing poetry in early 2017. Finding love in expression he picked up the pen and scratched the pad, which is the inception of eloQuint and the many platforms that followed. After having another daughter, Amara Noelle, in 2019 the stress of dealing with the first mother mixed with another child and failed basketball dreams caused Q to develop Alopecia Areata losing hair in his beard first then on his head.

What started as therapeutic poetry rekindled a childhood dream of becoming an author. From poetry to short stories, to books, podcasts, YouTube, blogging, and ghostwriting Q has found his second act in life as eloQuint. He also has a passion for the youth. Utilizing his degree in education as well as his basketball foundation focusing on skill, emotional, physical, spiritual, and overall development to encourage individuals to be the best version of themselves. His hobbies include music (jazz, rap, gospel), reading, chess, running, open mics, live music events, ping pong, festivals, art galleries, traveling, and playing paintball.


Facebook: Elliott Quinton

Instagram: elliottquinton_

TikTok: elliottquinton_

YouTube: PassionatelyeloQuint

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