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I can't believe the Pheonix Suns lost as bad as they did! I had faith in them. Chris Paul is my all-time favorite point guard and I really like Devin Booker, they failed to bring their game to the court. It's unfortunate, Chris Paul's clock is ticking and the window for a championship is closing fast. I believe it will solidify his career, but I still will put him in my top 5 all-time point guards regardless.

I'm happy for Boston though. I wanted them to beat the Bucks, Tatum is becoming a force in the league. This will give him amazing confidence and it will make the East a must watch for the next five to six years. Especially if Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving stay on the Nets, with a full season, they will be trouble.

I'm also banking on the Celtics beating the Miami Heat. I think the Heat have a good squad and a couple good scorers, but I think Boston might be a little more lethal. I'm not counting Miami out though, I seen Jimmy Butler when it's all on the line and he is more than formidable of an opponent. I wouldn't want him standing in the way of me getting to the Finals. With that being said, I think he should be someone's strong number two.

I created an adult basketball league at the YMCA, and we lost our game today. We can blame the lost on a number of things, but they did have a solid team with a good game plan. It's six games into the season and people have been scouting vying for the top seed in the league. This loss sets us at third place, losing only to the two teams ahead of us.

A lot of people have been coming up to me telling me how much an adult league was needed in Goldsboro. Everyone is enjoying the league; I've been getting compliments and a lot of inquiries about next season. I'm going to do the same with flag football, I just got to keep getting the word out.

Amelia's mom and I had a miscommunication and we talked it out without a hiccup. Later on, the thought occurred to me, we settled something without an argument. It speaks to how far we've come as parents and how we speak to each other. Back in the day, it would've been an uproar by either one of us because we felt like we spoke plainly or should've been on the same page.

I have to thank God for that, for mending our relationship to the point where we can have conversations. Putting on her mind to call first to let me speak to my baby girl. There was a time when I thought we could never get to this point but I'm more than happy to be here. I no longer walk under the dark cloud of fighting for my rights, the storm has cleared to a forecast of partly cloudy.

It's about time for summer camp for Amelia, I'm going to put her in sports camp and science camp most likely. I've actually waited awhile and need to get on it, we have a good program so spots are filling up fast. This is the time though, that I used to think about when she was first born. Sending her off to school and summer camp, listening to her stories on the way home. I know she will love it! I love working at a job where I can bring my kids, I love being in the same vicinity as them.

I feel empowered when I have both of my children with me, it's as if, I turn into a superhero. I'm able to protect them, transport them safely, take care of them, and love them with a supernatural ability. I feel like a king strutting with his princesses, confident in the royalty that exudes off us.

I feel like, a father.

A fulfilling sentiment that allows me to sleep well at night and smile throughout the day. A feeling so encompassing that it's almost unfathomable how I made it through without. Fatherhood is an experience filled with love and fear that we will raise them to be below average. At least, I know I think like that.

Not too long ago, I wrote about the relationship with my oldest and how worried I was. She hasn't been acting like she doesn't want to talk to me anymore. She's back to being happy to come to the phone talking about anything her mind could grasp. I'm learning to not take her behavior out of proportion or as an attack on me personally. I think it's because of how deeply I love my daughter, and daughter's, wanting them to always reciprocate that same sentiment.

There's nothing like a warm embrace from one or all of your children, it's almost as if I can feel their heart beating to the drum of our love. The constant chatter is like the snare, their laughter the symbols, and the auxiliary drums are the everyday pleasures that add to the music of life.

The sound. Beautiful.

Amelia and Amara, daddy loves you.

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