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Birthday Girl

Amara is 2!

My baby girl is growing up right before my eyes and I'm loving every second of it. I love the way she screams my name when I walk in to the room. After the wedding when I came back on Sunday she practically screeched and hurriedly climbed off the bed running into my arms. Easily the greatest feeling on earth, I tell people all the time the beauty in being a daughter dad.

Her birthday fell on a Friday and her mother wasn't doing a big party like she did for her first one. Unfortunately, all of my family was out of town or working Friday night so I took her to my house and bought her some cake. We ate hot dogs and chips and I sang her happy birthday while she just wanted to eat the cake. I laughed because after I finished singing I asked if she was ready and she replied as if she had been waiting on me.

I told everybody that she asked for the chocolate on chocolate cake, but I made that up. If I'm going to get my baby a cake, it's going to be what I like until she can tell me different. I forgot to get ice cream but I knew that we were going to have another gathering the day after with some family.

She is so vibrant! Her energy is unmatched and she'll try her best to get what she wants. I was tickling her and when I stopped she would grab my hand shaking her little self wanting me to poke her in the ribs. It didn't take long for me to finally give in and tickle her one more time, which turned into five.

I'm not sure if it's because she turned two, but she has been doing better with being by herself. I will just communicate to her that I'm going downstairs and that I will be right back and she isn't crying or jumping off the bed to follow me. Normally, it wouldn't be a problem, but I have a fear of her coming down the stairs at such a young age.

I'm proud of you Amara, and I'm proud to be your father. I'm proud of the memories that we've shared, the smiles, the laughs. I'm proud to look at you and say "That's my baby!" Exclaiming on the rooftops because my love for you is more than just a feeling, it's a way of life. I'm proud to be a father and God blessed me with you.

A weekend ago I got the chance to go to my former teammate CJ's wedding, we were in the middle of Georgia. Very rural, but the Air BnB we stayed in was really nice. I might be sold to only ever get one when I travel because I truly enjoyed my experience their and the set up. I believe it's something that I can do as well, buy a townhouse and later rent it out. I feel as if it's something that I can get started on when my lease ends in April, if I save my money right.

The road trip wasn't bad it only took six hours to get there, but I took a detour to the airport to pick up my other teammate Ashton which took an extra hour plus. I was happy to do it though, I knew that we would be able to catch up on the ride to the house.

We did just that.

My other teammate from freshmen year drove down from Michigan with his soon to be wife. It was relaxing sitting around catching up on old times and watching NBA. The groom came by that Thursday night before the wedding and it was like we didn't skip a beat. That was with everybody really. Updating each other on new professions, business moves, buying houses, and upcoming weddings.

I currently know of four weddings I'm invited to next year and I can't wait! This is the season to get married, I know my time is coming. I told myself that I would start dating again after I got the court situation situated. I didn't want that to be looming over me anymore, even though there will be more work to do later on, I get to see my baby.

I understood being a parent on vacation the most last weekend when while I was dancing and catching up, I was missing my babies. Thinking about what they were doing, thinking, if I was on their mind like how they're on mine. Being a father is the greatest joy I have ever felt. I was thinking the other day how I'm responsible for these little girl's well beings, this simple notion is earth shattering.

Breaking out my new suit for the first time I looked fly at the wedding, I borrowed one of my dad's ties and it really made my plaid pop. We ate good and I danced all night, I didn't know any of the songs except for the cupid shuffle. I had a blast, cruises and weddings are all the vacations I need.

They're satisfying. Just like knowing that I'm going to have both my daughters this upcoming weekend, I can't wait! I hope they get along well, I can't wait to get the picture of all three of us together.

Amelia and Amara, daddy love you.

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