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Creative Expression

There's an artistic beauty in creative expression, the ability to use gifts and talents to detail perspective on known issues worldwide. It's a way for creators to have influence on the world as well, I want my book to reverberate throughout the country putting my ideas into practice.

It's easily noticeable like the movie Get Out or the TV Show Person of Interest where the screenwriter wanted to show that the government is always watching, even through personal devices like phones or laptops. Which I do believe to be true, and that they pick and choose which threats are important enough to intervene.

I mean, if they are finding chatter on terrorist cells inside the states they have to be listening in on everybody. I'm sure they boil it down to the greater good even though they are leaving doors open for hackers and computer geniuses alike, access to personal lives. I've even seen a person hack into a home monitor and start talking to the kids on the other side, that's a scary thought.

The most recent show I've been addicted to is Lucifer, which I was initially hesitant about because I try to be careful on what I let enter my eye and ear gates. I stay away from horror movies involving spirits and demons, I truly believe that they can come from the movie and lay in your bed.

Amara's mom told me that it was more of a cop show with a different twist kind of like the show iZombie. The premise behind the show is that Lucifer is tired of running hell being a pawn in God's game of life. He's angry that God cast him out of heaven at the beginning of time and plans to enact his revenge by disrupting the flow set by the Most High.

To me, it seems like the producer questions his or her faith and has grown up in the church but sees God as a narcissistic ruler. One who orchestrates for his own plan using people as pawns as he sees fit, and this is something a lot of people struggle with. If he or she doesn't feel this way, they have done a wonderful job of displaying different mentalities surrounding religion God and the devil.

If you pay close enough attention, Lucifer tries to uproot a lot of traits associated with the devil. Like that he is evil and a liar and wants to destroy the world. He often states that he isn't evil but sent to Hell to be the Lord of it, meaning he punishes evil rather than being it himself.

Maybe the screenwriter is a Satan worshipper, not the one from the Bible, but there's groups that worship him in a sense of defiance and opposition. I've read about them before claiming that Satan was personified by the Bible, it's supposed to be more of a stance or a mindset.

The character Lucifer makes it a point to let people know that he doesn't lie, he never lies, just bends the truth from time to time. The fiery eyes and anger subsequent to anyone that calls him a liar, I believe represents the years that God has been imploring to the world otherwise.

He is very hypocritical, angry at his father for manipulation but continues to do it to other people. When he is called out on it, he gets angry just like anybody else would. As I keep on watching I feel as if the writer has an angle in saying that we are all devils in ourselves. Whether misogynistic, liar, manipulator, killer, etc. we all struggle with our own demons. Overbearing parents and triggers that'll make steam come from your ears.

Another interesting part of the show is when the Lucifer goes to therapy, and listening to their dialogue it's as if the therapist is his conscience and he is the devil. There are plenty instances in where the therapist offers sensible advice and Lucifer will take the words and construe it to fit in the way he sees beneficial.

That's often what the devil does, the Bible speaks of the devil knowing the Word of God just as well if not better than most Christians. Like in the beginning of time with Adam and Eve, he easily uses the good word to his advantage. In the show, he's always reckless when it comes to other people's feelings and usually causes some type of ruckus. That's how the devil does in real life, and he wears many faces just like Lucifer does.

Then again, the writer could just be a Christian using what he or she believes and adores with creativity to express inner feelings. Or maybe, the goal is to replace doubt with reality that their is a devil indeed, and he and his demons can walk the Earth like humans. I think the same could also be for the Angels, that they're disguised as humans helping out in dire situations.

There's a part of the storyline where Lucifer's brother, an angel, came to Earth thirty years before to bless a family with a baby. Turns out, it's the lady detective that Lucifer is falling for and becomes Superman's kryptonite. All part of God's plan, which ignites Lucifer as well as many other people who don't like the thought that their plans for life are predestined.

I wasn't expecting the show to be so captivating, I've been binge watching it the last couple days. Watching an episode now as I write, but I love the creativity in it. At one point, they mention creative energy, expressing yourself through poetry or drawing pictures. Lucifer quickly dodged the idea, like many others without considering that the method might prove effective.

I deeply believe in creative energy, that's the best way to succinctly detail my emotions on a particular subject. The ability to draw a picture with words or a brush stroke, drawing people closer to you by opening up in a unique way. The best part about creativity is that everybody's style is different and that each perspective can add value to my own way.

It's prudent that we as people find effective ways to deal with life and the hurdles that will inevitably come in your way. The last couple months I've been struggling with this aspect of life, trying everything to find peace and love. Wanting a relationship, or more time with my daughter, or to even speak to my oldest in hopes of filling a void.

It always boils down to a relationship with God, doesn't it?

Amelia and Amara, daddy loves you.

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