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Faith Filled

I went to my aunt and uncle's church where the latter is the lead pastor, starting it a little over a year ago after leaving our shared home church. My spiritual mentor was a guest speaker this past Sunday and I made sure to show up to get a good word. His words captured my attention when I was in college and was associate pastor of the church where we all attended for years.

Ever since, I've been wanting him to start his own church so I could become a regular attendee. Now, I'm thinking I will go to my aunt and uncle's church regularly because the last two times I went I got a lot out of it. Funny thing is, they're not family by blood but that's how us black people do. Once the friends of our parents pour into each other's kids and they grow close enough we become like family.

That's also what the Bible says, that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and should treat one another as such. That goes for the liar, murderer, homosexual, and the adulterer, since all sins are cardinal in the eyes of the Lord. A hard pill to swallow for some of us, especially the ones that think they are better since they don't partake in these sins.

The guest speaker spoke on "Now Faith" which is found in Hebrews 11, and he went on to explain that the faith of now will sustain you not the faith of last year or years prior. He had a great illustration, especially for me since he is a runner, and participating in a half marathon in 2015 he explained the effort he had to ensue in order to prepare. He went on to say that since then, following knee surgery and the vagaries of life, he couldn't do another half marathon due to lack of preparation. He could still have the faith that he could run one, but upon getting out there his body would crumble.

Which is much like our faith in God. In the scripture Hebrews 11:6, I believe, it says that without faith it's impossible to please God and it's not enough to rely on the faith of before. It's now faith, I feel as if faith is ever evolving and needs to be upgraded through each season. There's no way, we, as believers in the Almighty should only have faith to accomplish small feats or only taking baby steps.

Last year, it was okay for me to take baby steps because that's where I was, new to the walk. I received word from God that I will have an amicable relationship with Amelia's mom and I will be awarded full custody. I'm not entirely sure how, seems almost impossible, but that is the true definition of faith. Pastor Michael Todd taught me the opposite of faith is fear and not doubt, and even though I do have doubting moments I know as long as I pray about it God will take the sentiment away.

Even me putting this promise in my blog, writing it in my dream journal, and speaking in person to others about it is exercising my faith. There's always a chance that I misread my dream and or cancelled my promise from falling off again after he gave me the dream. I don't think so though, the sermon this past Sunday reiterated that the promise still stands even though I may waiver.

God is the same God yesterday today and forever and his grace is sufficient, irregardless of the thorns I feel stabbing in my side. An amazing feeling, and I had a thought as I sat down to write today's post, I don't feel the anxiety of success. Wanting and forcing myself to be great by going 100 miles per hour, which correlates with the racing of my thoughts. With all that pressure on myself, I rarely get anything done.

With God's peace, his unadulterated inexplicable peace, I feel as if I'm getting more done. Especially when it comes down to my book, it's not always getting pages written which I usually feel like it should be, but the preparation in the outline which will allow me to write more succinctly. Inevitably, will take more time but will guarantee a better book that'll detail points I want to accentuate.

I believe I have a unique perspective that will hit the souls of the community I'm trying to reach, I also got in contact with someone who leads a economic growth group. I've been praying for something like this, I'm just hoping this is God lead and not of my own volition. I truly feel that it is though, along with my current line of thinking maybe politics or simply advocacy.

Something I believe I was made for, created for, built for. Definitely feel lead in this direction, for now putting down novels and picking up literature of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and preachers who speak on mental growth and stability.

Also, I took 45 minutes last week to learn more about blogs and how to create a successful one. It was from the platform I use for my website and blog, Wix, and a bunch of foreign professionals gave me insight. They harped on consistency, which I already do releasing a blog weekly on Monday's and adding visual content.

Which I did at first, but fell off when I failed to remember to get an appropriate picture for each week. Not much of a photographer, even though I paid over $400 for a Canon EOS Rebel t7, I usually am not behind the lens. After watching I plan on adding relevant pictures and using it as the cover instead of my current one. Probably posting two pictures on social platforms instead of one grabbing more reader's attention.


At least that's the goal, moving forward in all areas of my life. My mom asked me over the weekend if the Christian life is boring, my response is that it isn't. With friends of a different walk it does get a little lonely, when we can't converse on the Bible and related topics but even before giving my life to Christ I always kept to myself. It's the safest way, and a lot of people don't think the way I do which irritates me even though it shouldn't.

I want people to be like me or the way I was raised and it just doesn't happen that way. One of the reasons I'm still single, the major reason is that I got a lot to fix within myself, but some women I've come across are not on the same wavelength. I don't think it's too much to ask to have a lady that wants success as bad as they want to breathe, sampling a popular phrase started by Eric Thomas and Breathe University. An inspirational speaker whose podcast I used to listen to daily, trying to keep the fire going that was ignited as a child in AAU practice.

A fire I plan to ignite in my beautiful daughter's lives, Amelia and Amara daddy loves you more than anything!

Amara Noelle at the park! Look at my beautiful baby, can't wait to have Amelia and Amara together.

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