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Poetry's purpose is to express sentiments that typically goes unspoken. This page is dedicated to poems out of two unfinished poetry books by eloQuint, Depths of Thee and Sonnets of Rap, as well as other free handed and sonnet styled writings.  

Pen to Pad

Pen to Pad is the new #ThinkTuesday is a hashtag across all social media platforms, where artist choose a day to freely express and love one's self. Make sure to @ me once you join the movement! Social links at the bottom of each page.

Short Stories

eloQuint uses short stories to expand on poems detailing the events surrounding the reason ink littered the page. Author of 10 part short story series Budd's Inn, and Depths of Thee an elongated version of the poems. Stay tuned for more up and coming short stories!


Novels and children's books, eloQuint, harnesses a lot of creativity continually learning by reading and examining the writings of other authors. First novel Emissaries is TBA!

Facebook: Elliott Quinton

Instagram: elliottquinton_

TikTok: elliottquinton_

YouTube: PassionatelyeloQuint

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