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Pen to Pad

Freedom of Flow

February 18, 2022

The devil is a monster, and a dangerous soul

Uncharted the depths, scared to blow

And know, if you know, you know

Walking aimlessly out the front door

Moving in circles, stuck to the floor

Decisions that keep me coming back for more

Wake me out my dreams, it's 4:44

Penning my desires, freedom of flow


The King

December 26, 2021

The rise of a King, who came to give us our birthright. To do the things of heaven as if it was on Earth, right? And to think it only took seven, to create both sin and right standing. Fear and peace, the living and the deceased. Pain that's increased the further we move from the grace of your seat. Underestimating how far the West is from the East, keeping secrets close to vest, taming the beast. The innate nature carved into our souls seeking answers from stars and clothes, instead of our savior. Try and escape the narrow path, moving calculated like math, until the aftermath brings us to our knees. We hide and run, just to come back home. We ride the fun, the unknown, claiming those actions put us in the zone. All the while the King is watching from his throne. Keeping tallies and ticks, until repentance burning up like wicks. Undeserving, but there's nothing my God can't fix. With love and no tricks. No strings attached, just answer the call, what he brings in unmatched. The King has risen. 



December 1, 2021

Headaches and decisions

The spirit makes, impactful incisions

Impartial the divisions of heaven and hell

Inertial experiences, It Ain't Hard To Tell

I exhale, knowledge to break the spell

Of the unspoken, to speak on their shell


Coming Apart

November 18, 2021

Battling the vagaries of life

Every corner sharp as a knife

The edge the sharpest part

Unraveling, coming apart



November 10, 2021

Got the judge, the lawyer, and courts involved

Don't judge, they put the law in her court

Forcing me to scrape and claw, within bounds

Of jumping, sliding, and defending, pounds

And ounces of lies, deceit, and pretending

While I fight, with seemingly, no ending



October 20, 2021

Fighting with,

Good and evil, right and wrong,

Challenged with,

Grace and free will, am I weak or strong

Faced with,

Spiritual principalities, my truth my reality


Hope and Faith

October 6, 2021

Holding my breath, wanting to believe in

A change in heart posture, unbelieving

Reliving what's etched in, hardly conceiving

That it's almost over, 5 years kneading

Forgiveness, peace, and patience into

The recesses of my mind and soul, through

Meditation, prayer, and scriptures

Promising hope and faith, a life mixture


Not Said

September 28, 2021

What is it with, anxiety?

Enveloping fear that life's our for me

Resulting in actions parallel to anarchy

Arrows fell short of the heart, partially

Cold and cupid, the charts we see

In stress filled arteries, veins, and partly

Alive but half dead, when not okay,

Not often said


Like Me

September 22, 2021

I love hearing the laughs, seeing the smiles

Of happiness, excitement, joy, the miles

We travel to experience euphoria in trials

The prayer, the submission, walking down aisles

To the throne, the pulpit, the grace filled room

For the undeserving, like me


New Season

September 14, 2021

Small beginnings, only time will tell

Pitching new innings, down but compelled

To build foundations with bricks and blocks

Fast and curve balls as the hand ticks, tocks

Touching milestones and sliding to victories

Success at home base, racing against the clock


No Words

September 7, 2021

Superficial words, anxious thoughts

Unasked questions, and unearned love

Masked reactions with naked faces

I can't believe the various spaces

The devalued man, the beloved system

The presence of, the absence in

Dwelling on how the story begin


Real Change

August 31, 2021

Nobody wants real change,

Just talking, appeasing, limiting range

In cage, mindsets of old, so strange

This change, exposing the deranged,

The lame, those in the same lane

Using us as speed bumps, or hang like cranes

Hooking belt buckles holding the noose

Playing hangman with lives, no truce

Finding balance in life and death, won't lose


The Fight

August 24, 2021

The devil be tracking, pacing, attacking

The mind while learning and leaning

On cyclical thoughts, actions, and patterns

Thorn leaving me in the dark, no lanterns

To light my path, where's the answers

Searching, reading, praying the cancers

Away, yay or nay, go or stay, the fray

In fighting the fight, or running the play



August 17, 2021

Blown off text and unanswered calls

Wanting to be a father, climbing walls

Unjust and spiteful behavior, all

Distaste for past decisions, incisions

To the core, the root of impressions

Only left with lessons and protecting

My name, my love, fearing the projection

Of neglecting, studying words, perfecting

For the day she comes fact checking



August 10, 2021

Late posts building from the ground

Up, laying bricks pound by pound

Searching the dark, I go and hound

Opportunities out on the town

Listening to where there's no sound

Creating invisible pathways for the unfound,

Found, and those who are around

Now, my mind feels the most bound


Lost Words

August 4, 2021

The absence of hope is an abyss

Of fear, anxiety and lack of prayer

And this, sentiment of making a wish

Under notions of breaking through layers

Atmospheres of nay-sayers and haters

But I believe in Him, like making a swish


The One

July 27, 2021

Poetry is, the apex of art

The beauty in articulating end to start

Penetrating the paper after being vexed

Seems like it's a curse, a hex

Paying for past decisions, detect

Anger and malice, try and redirect

But life can't be undone, I run

To the Son, the author of the sun,

And stars, I stay faithful, to the One



July 20, 2021

Familiar Patterns familiar lies

Familiar feelings familiar why's

Questioning the familiar eyes

That hold the evils that tie

Souls, exposing those which pries

Under skin, I just try and hide

Like holes in my soles, walk with pride


My Savior

July 13, 2021

Whether standing on the mountain top

Or crouching in the lowest of valleys

God is there, my savior, the unstop-

Pable one granting favor through rallies

And cries on knees fighting op-

Position that lay in wait, in alleys,

Around corners, in dark places that drop

Below the Earth, finding pleasures, sadly



July 6, 2021

When trying to find poetic words

I sift through various nouns and verbs

Adjectives that'll show a true directive

Into thought and actions, meditative

Letters that create factions, between

Heart and mind, penning to be seen

Or detail the hidden we swear we wean

Off, praying the paper will make us clean



June 30, 2021

Pressing words, penciled thoughts, the

Raw emotion minced with love,

Adoration, and admiring the glory

Yearning for the truth of freedom

Edifying unknown languages while

Ridiculing evils with help of angels



June 22, 2021

What makes your words prominent?

Is it the urgency? Or the immanent

Ways the pen scribbles the page,

Unique displays detailing the imminent,

Whether it be fears or rage, we engage

With life stories, stealing the stage

Believing our cadence to be preeminent,

It's evident, as the heart beats with age


Ways of Release

June 15, 2021

In what ways do you release?

Thinking on how to put mind at ease

Coping mechanisms?

The mechanics of our isms

Is the height of rise or low of downfall

Comprising ideologies, fears, and all

That encompasses,

Holding compasses trying to find direction

A derelict, dilapidated, need positive action

So, I ask, in what ways do release?


Just Thoughts

June 8, 2021

While holding pen,

There's an art to splashing the ink

Apart from thrashing the paper

Stabbing periods and crossing t's

Dotting the eyes of the soul

Grasping two points, the heart and mind

Raspy, like the voice from beyond

An invoice of emotions, taking a toll

Chalking cemented notions, unkind

Like hitting gravel in motion, then again

I pick up the pen



June 1, 2021

Woke up in fear

Breathing heavy, fighting tears

Saw my baby, after some years

And I wasn't in time to save her

She goes farther, the more I come near

I try but my efforts get seared

Burnt by the coals of fire, the anger

From the past that stays present

Even in the future it remains current



May 25, 2021

Back in therapy,

Sans aroma I used to keep me

Level, thoughts staring me

In face further scaring me

To a place of no return, the

Dark pit I settled in turn, terms

Knit in soul hard to unlearn

Paths and passages, the cistern

Of maps ravaging causing concern

Struggling to discern, now I learn,

Back in therapy


The Three

May 18, 2021

Missing my daughter, her laughter

All I'm missing while listening to pastor

Pray with supplication supplementing

For supper,

Fasting acts of procreation programming

The proper,

Verbiage proving adoration adding and aiming

At the upper,

Rooms for the trinity of divinity

Three with an affinity for peace and serenity


My Jehovah Jireh and Nissi


Same Song

May 11, 2021

Investing in myself,

With words from the scripture

Ingesting for my health,

Parables that depict pictures

Ones that enable spiritual wealth,

Stealth, the encryption a mixture

Of Proverbs and Psalms,

Prayers and tears wiped with palms

Layers of fears that keep me from calm

Hoping I'm doing it right, I lean on

Community and others who seem strong

But, all along

Fighting and singing the same song


The Journey

May 4, 2021

A peace that understands it all

When I focus on God, not appalled

When sins get thrown from wall to wall

This walk into a run, at first a crawl

A marathon, a journey, might trip, might fall

As long as I stay true, answer the call

Of life, amidst the strife I will stand tall

Seeing a victory in faith, the awe

Of the glory, the mercy, the dreams I saw

Promises from the one with holes in paw


Faith Filled

April 27, 2021

Faith is,

Seeing victories in the dark

Faith goes,

Where the deaf come to hark

Faith sacrifices,

Vices that give the blind a spark

Into the abyss of things hoped for

With prayer, a petition that allures

An unmistakable peace, for sure



April 20, 2021

Lifting weights

Building faith muscles

Exercising in the wait

Strengthening through the tussle

Of spiritual warfare, innate

Dating back to times of fossils,

Castles, and slaves to the hate

While history books claim it's not so



April 13, 2021

God, in your nature of benevolence

Are you privy to all this violence?

Those like me fighting with eloquence

And presence of mind, on the fence

With priorities trying to circumvent

Loss of arteries, in a metaphorical sense

Writing and cracking metacarpals, tense

Cause this our reality, ever since

These predestined fatalities, called sins


Change Men

April 6, 2021

I feel a plethora of pleasure

In the aura of creativity

Hitting on iniquities that measure

The gall of man, in his sensitivity

Able to find gold without a treasure,

Chest or blueprints tatted on vest

Breaking prisons of the mental, and natural

Fear practical visions of the cage, meant

To disavow my actual engagement

Of the ones who choose to engage with

Tools instead of the brain, change men

To see the sky, wondering where the cage went


True Essence

March 30, 2021

The true essence of our souls

Is meant for praise and creativity

Inevitably, in ways of objectivity

Speaking on the trues that take tolls

On ones who know and even those

Ignorant to geppetto of compass rose

The reach isn't contingent to who knows

But those most affected are trying to grow



March 23, 2021

Traveling down a familiar road

A path to continue on or fold

A similar lane perplexed, in

Whether to merge switch or when

To slow down maybe revving engine

Banking on fortitude, sans anger at the mention

Of lies, half truths, a malice filled prison

Of mind battling being gas litten

Staying and entertaining, only permitting

A course that proves

Men not allowed to be fathers, without permission



March 16, 2021

Thinking on a taco Tuesday

Mixing meat with spices, a way

Of expression

After a session of penning away

Under the scented candles, end the day

In expression

What's etched in will come and stay

If not on knees, face to sky, to pray

With expression


In My Head

March 9, 2021

Thinking too much

Wondering if I'm not enough

This walk has been tough

Switching gears holding clutch

The past, letting go is tough

With this pen and pad,

I just try and snuff

Writing when I'm mad

With fluff

The sin, and the bad


For Them

March 2, 2021

It's unfortunate, for them

Having something else on their mind

Good thing you're the only one on mine

Try not to stare but you so fine

Contemplating whether I should wine

And dine, a 10 so you worth the dime

Trying to go the distance, all nine

Quietly reading expressions, like a mime

While they eyeing us the whole time

It's unfortunate, for them


No Curse

February 23, 2021

Reminiscing on written words

What's missing, smitten absurd

Dialect because I respect

The pen, the paper to reflect

With retrospect to inflect

Emotions filling mental notions

Clashing like waves of oceans

In the midst, no curse no O'Shea


Letters to...

February 16, 2021

Freedom of mind

Freedom of body

Freedom of spirit

Letters to the free or dumb

We can be more than numb

Wish we were free as the sun

Locking up and killing sons

And daughters we the ones

In search of,

Freedom of mind body and spirit

Letters to those who hear it


A Soldier

February 9, 2021

Feeling the butterflies

Confronted with severing ties

Or play the hand, see what lies

In the cards, might run, it's hard

To stick it out and stay in the fight

Sick about what I pray on at night

Obey, quickly turn to the light

Exposed like the angel on my right

Shoulder telling me to hold her

Feelings don't make you soft, but a soldier


The Release

February 2, 2021

In an effort to finding peace

Controlling thoughts, grasping every piece

Of knowledge praying on my knees

To God of the Earth, water, and the trees

Of life, that blow like leaves in the breeze

Unpredictable, the consumption the seize

Of passions done with ease, the release

A love that can never displease

Disappoint, fail, harm, or plead



January 26, 2021

In hopes of reducing patterns

Up late, penning under lanterns

Stuck in space, sitting on Saturn

Debating this great race

Laps at an uncontrollable pace

Areata circles caps my ace,

My crutch, low hiding my face

On apps when all I need is grace

Spinning out lost in the haste

Of life, doing what I distaste


Thoughts and Actions

January 19, 2021

The effects of our decisions

Knowing the cause of these incisions

Can affect the way we envision

Each other focused on provisions

Or lack thereof, the mission

Break out this mental prison

Hearing words to listen

For healing, through Christian

Principles follow with precision

Praying for my thoughts and actions


18 Karat

January 12, 2021

The chain carries discrepancies

Wearing pain like ice on knees

A placebo like peace in the trees

More black less white I disagree

Perception is your right, I agree

The inception to aid the fight

Against those who resemble night

Assemble, rioting with the might

Of generations kept from the light


The Words

January 5, 2021

You are the words you speak

You are the words you listen to

You are the words you read

You are the words that you write

You are the words that ignite

You are the words that plant seed

You are the words this is true

You have the words for what you seek


Same Plane

December 29, 2020

To some,

Holidays bring out the best


Stay close to the vest

Ones pleasure is another's pain

Hard to measure, the only aim

For me to learn you,

And you do the same

Whether black white or blue

We living on the same plane


Finding Time

December 22, 2020

I struggle to find time

Like finding words to rhyme

Boggle thoughts a sign

To get back with God, align

My life with his guidelines

Reading in between the lines

Of the Bible saving lives

Fadeaway starting to deprive

Myself fo the way and the light



December 15, 2020

Life's a battle and a balance

Of love and use of malice

Ability to herd thoughts like cattle

A champion riding the saddle

Of the high horse

The high road on course

To the highest chair, of course

With God, the Bible, a force

Against the evils I've discoursed


Four Words

December 8, 2020

Driving through the night

Crazy, ideas still bright

Leading the way like headlight

Smart, strong, just might

Revolt systems and start

New prisms set apart

Using music, love, and art

A change, come hark


Giving Thanks

December 1, 2020

The beauty of family

The ones that help keep sanity

Who we love over self

Giving thanks to top shelf

Mentality, of money and wealth

Spirituality, thanks to most high

Even though I deny

Like Peter I still try

But one day I'll have to explain why


If We

November 24, 2020

If we knew the future

There wouldn't be faith

If we could change the past

We'll lose lessons in our safe

If we could control the present

A lot less hate, debate, and bait

To lead us away from heaven's gate


Fear of Self

November 17, 2020

Self doubt

Fear of failure

True motivation killers

In search of clout

Years to compare your

Life looking for fillers

Fake pics with filters

Sticks and stones will pilfer

Dreams, goals, and other pillars


The Field

November 10, 2020

Beautiful is black

Our culture, we have a knack

For standing in a field of vultures

Who shield fear with their heald

Poachers sent out to kill,

Steal and destroy our will,

Unreal the ploy and feel

The need to alloy like steel

But still, standing like Kings and Queens



Picture Frame

November 3, 2020

Regardless of the size

Pictures belong in frames

Looking with the scope of our eyes

Inside, we see something to shame

Express with tears and cries

Following the train

Leading to destruction masked with lies

Intentional, like our choice to fly

When we need to create our lane



October 27, 2020

Fearing the Cat's in the Cradle

Spearing the thought, pick up the ladle

No matter the effort, some still feel a way though

Words scattered on the page, reflect

In hopes to detect, the proper dialect

To speak in retrospect

Pray my words have value and entice respect



October 20, 2020

It's evident

In the words and actions

We prevent

Standing on curbs in factions

Scream repent

For the lies and sanctions

I represent

Brothers of now, and the ancients


The Odds

October 13, 2020

When up against the odds

Will you quit in angst, feeling like a fraud

Or will you swallow your spit amid the pangs

That dig in deep like fangs

The devil listening and he prods

I know I won't fail, amidst the odds



October 6, 2020

Sometimes, life throws wrenches

Fighting back, bows in the trenches

What is this?

An opportunity I can't miss

Growth of the mind, body, and since

Looking for ways to recompense

Feeling overwhelmed standing on the fence

But I know I'm destined for greatness, I'm convinced



September 29, 2020

I remember when I learned the trues

Of this world, the various avenues

Forced to travel, or avoid

Our voice void invoking

Pain mixed with anger provoking

Creativity, and iniquities that danger

Self and community, our goal

To accumulate wealth as a whole

Emasculate as they emulate

Educate, because life's at stake


Truth Is

September 22, 2020

In a room full of people, alone

Just finished a meal, still empty

No appetite can fill the century-

Old famine, as I examine

The penitentiary, the system, every

Prism set to divide and disown

Hard work of MLK, X, Newton

Up against forces akin to Putin,


Efforts tailored to progression

Say stick to juking and percussion

But the truth is, they fear our succession


Planet, Stars, Moon

September 15, 2020

Feel like my thoughts on a different planet

Indifferent to most, not how I planned it

Penning candid, sentiments

Like camera capturing still pictures

Canvassed on the stars, a fixture

Hanging above the cars, some fail

Cause they seem so far

Or bail in, fear blaming the atmosphere

I look up to the moon as I steer,

Knowing that my time is near


Many Faces 

September 8, 2020

Lives are spent soul searching

For self and partner behind the curtain

Of the future, things seem so uncertain

We vent the hurting

Chase dreams, certain

That the light beams brightly, in mind running from stark places

On the grind, wearing many faces



September 1, 2020

Thoughts of an entrepreneur

Freedom of finance and time, a lure

Into the depths of loneliness

Only me and the paper no less

Playing chess

A King feeling like the pawn

Called Urkel but really Stefan

My mind won't settle for the bronze

Unwind, imagining how I won


And, Or, But

August 25, 2020

Knowing when to speak up


Knowing when to listen

Will success ever creep up


Will my dreams go missing

Fear of failure fills my cup


How can one compare and measure, my vision



August 18, 2020

I often wonder, will I get the chance to fill in the blanks

Lost time and empty memories unable to share my fatherly amenities.

I often wonder, even after tapping into higher deities and zapping anger with pleasantries,

Will it make up for lost time?

The cost of my iniquities.



August 11, 2020

Heavy breathing

Feet pounding

Music blasting

Running expounding on thoughts greeted with short-term or everlasting

Steady meeting

Problems found in

The foot falls


In The Waiting

August 4, 2020

We chase goals

Watch dreams unfold

Defeat strongholds

Form diamonds from coal

But, in the waiting

Shoulders turn cold

Visions are put in holes

Digging for our untold

Futures that we swear are filled with gold

But, in the waiting, will you be the reason your name isn't in bold? They ask you say no the game on hold, pausing on go. In the waiting is where you grow.



July 28, 2020

Hope for many blessings.

Hope through the stressing.

Hope can be depressing, but

Hope is the best thing.

Hope is constant wrestling.

Hope is character testing.

Hope is wearing a mask or dressing in a cloth of faith addressing the reasons we cope


Searching For

July 21, 2020

Searching for inspiration, some type of motivation converted into words filled with annotative distillation, finding innovative verbs conversing with raw emotion explaining actions due to situations, in awe of the cycle and its ramifications.


Blank Canvas

July 14, 2020

A recluse, this ink I use to paint a picture so distinct, that you can go back and link, literature that'll make you think. Human nature to reiterate what was last spoken, we believe a token from mind. Pen thought provoking, words open and raw, the emotions radiating in my paw.


Full Moon

July 7, 2020

Writing to a full moon, it's light shining brighter than the stars. Just like the night, darkness overwhelming, like the bad over the good, rising in my throat like the sun climbing the night sky. The heat the rage spewing from my mouth denying bouts paving way for more hate. I try and escape, but this comes with the day.


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