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Dreams (Mitch)


Dreams is how we first met, I hooped you balled we kept a close net. Close is all you get, walled in repping different sets. I saw the bar bend then put you on the track, big boy got jets. Hitting on our TAC, she was the Captain of our Woods. Cutting eyes as we stood, toe the line we should. Skipping lines as I write, just might, rip the page due to tears. Fears and rage pen tip to pad. Wears everyday one slip we sad, mad thinking did you flip or crash. I heard you got smashed, but you looked peaceful where you lay, tearful still today. I'm losing my will and my way, fearful I can no longer stay. Prolong and convey, I really want to be with you smoking blunts on the bay. That's my heaven maybe you come back and say, you my brethren remember almost got kicked out that day, call the reverend we snuck out okay. Headed with a beverage to O'Ku, we was new, didn't have to be breaded to get head and hit. If you was here you would spit, bout that time I told you that girl we flipped, could've swore I was gonna hear that til we old with wit. Nostalgic blunts we used to get lit, brawlic grunts that follow through hit, stomping runts in the cement. I can't believe you gone, I admit, you too strong, invincible should fit. Running the galleys under the whip, they plunder we bite our lip. Spite the game and get a white slip. Add you to the Game's dreams, I'm not sure about your documentary but your obituary is pure, an unnecessary lure. Mitch had a dream! To get up out the sewer, left college feeling newer, wish your path wasn't the fewer, you know knowledge was the curer. Dreams that we nearer, gutting this rello ready to say hello, well no, stay steady. Let me grind this nug, but you already know Mitch, much love.


Dreams- Deeper the Depths

Late Nights


I always feel better after I write, late nights filled with crying and laughter. Sleepless fights wake up in face being an actor. Love got misplaced I'm not above my disgrace. My hate was laced I should've replaced but my heart wouldn't debate. I thought I could wait but we grew apart. At first you brought my escape, and it was a great start. Beautiful and smart showing you off elated to have you for the part. Blowing in the car trying not to cough pay around and I' touching where it's soft. Dreams of chilling in a loft, schemes of fortune never worrying about billing. Rice and beans, chicken and greens, food gave me the leans. Never forgave but you ain't spice the wood understand it can change my mood, stuck in the mud. Rearrange the relationship plan trying to spark in my lonely land. I worked on my arc I just wish I could see you stand, at my games you ain't feel like a fan. But you was my number one wasn't saying any other names, displaying any other lames. Regardless loved the same, at least that's what I told my beloved but the anger got old. Marriage, I was sold, a privilege to be my mold and me to feel your soul. I reel through our hell hole and as much as I don't want to fold might have to put this family on hold. This fight took the best of me, hook up cook the recipe roll up take flight, over the problems of the night. It's late the lights dissipate along with this love that doesn't seem quite right. Close my eyes to dream I reminisce on my schemes still full from the rice and beans. Will you tell me why you refuse my needs, wanted to see my fuse that I release profusely. I unleash, a dog to be kept on a leash, a beast, spread them cheeks smile them roll in the sheets. Thinking you with someone else gives me the creeps, and to know I begged you and it still didn't seep. I didn't know what to do to get you to peep. Control, take this leap partake now in too deep, unroll, into fake sleep. Now I'm over here accepting defeat except it ain;t that neat I' not here to compete but let's be discreet. I know you still need a freak no need to seek, but if I catch blood Ima make him leak. Wretched flood emotions at it's peak. Now motions on sneak, but honestly, if I had you we wouldn't last a week. Lastly, you selfish can no longer relish or try and embellish for those who walk past me. Talk fast we. Come back then clash see. There's always a fee, or a prize, I look at you and idolize but realized you don't get the same rise. Comprised fears of you getting another ride so I glued you to my side, ruled you as my bride. Only person i let down my pride, my daughter round so Ima slide, but this just worsen for the next lady to arrive. I admit I'm kinda crazy but i'd sit and listen baby. I won't let this faze me but we can't go no more, maybe, never mind, save me, love is blind, blaze seed. Late nights make me blow weed sitting there staring plain cut deep is the pain wasn't hearing what I'm saying. Pleading not complaining but you was complacent looking adjacent couldn't stand to face it, reprimand with a spanking. Late nights early mornings pearled now we soaring I stay up late yearning, but I'm learning how to get better at ignoring the tether that keeps me from scoring. Late nights be boring weather the storming. Late nights make me feel better, it's warming. 


Late Nights- Deeper the Depths

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