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Amara's eyes sparkled with excitement as they danced around the playground to the beat of innocence. She skipped to her new favorite activity, the conjoined parent-child swing set. I imagine her mind replayed our previous visit where we talked, laughed, and enjoyed each other's facial expressions. The sound of the wind breaking served as our background noise as the force of the swing cut through the air.

I admired the invention and thought of my dad who programmed us to be creators and entrepreneurs. A common phrase my siblings and I always heard was "Why didn't I think of that?" He cultivated us to believe we were one business, idea, or invention away from being a millionaire. Encouraged us to pursue the life we've always desired and assured us it could be obtained outside of a successful professional sports career.

There are many pleasures of being a parent, like our kids listening to us and being able to instill rudimentary essentials to life. One that continues to please is hearing your children passionately express enjoyment through shrieks of joy. Another that falls in the same category is how kids gaze lovingly at their parents, in complete adoration and trust. I recall a beautiful image by closing my eyes and reliving the warmth that overcame my heart by her intimate stare.

Her radiant pupils rested on me as her brown-pigmented iris burned brilliantly like logs in a subtle fire. Her facial features remained soft, but the alertness of her gaze led me to believe we were sharing the same moment. She looked joyous and intrigued, questioning but content. She is unaware of the potential dangers that lurk around the corners of life, what the future looks like, and how hard she'll have to fight. In light of her current perspective, everything was alright.

I thought about our walk with Christ.

After our eyes unlocked, I took in the beauty of the surrounding world as the analogical mind God blessed me with began to brew. Psalm 139:17-18 talks about how God's thoughts about us outnumber the grains of sand, I wondered if her stare paralleled how He looks at us. Or, maybe, what His luminous glory requires as we attempt to gaze upon His face with our mouths agape in reverential fear.

How awesome is our God...

Engaging in a conversation over a sermon by Priscilla Shire I was introduced to the concept of remaining like infants when it comes to our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Not in knowledge, the author of Hebrews speaks against having to be reminded of elementary teachings, but in our approach to Him. Infants are wholly reliant on their parents for everything they want and need. They not only depend on but are unequivocally unable to live without assistance properly.

Much like us as believers, we can't operate righteously without the help of the Holy Spirit. The Advocate. The Spirit of Wisdom and Truth.

Infancy allows us to be ignorant of this world's dangers, systems, and ideologies. As long as the life we've become accustomed to is safe, we continue to live in a nescient bubble. Although, as a follower of Jesus Christ, we'll never be as naive as a newborn to the workings of the spiritual sphere. We understand if we follow the principle scribed in Philippians 4:4-9, an indecipherable peace will rest on our hearts and minds.

With all the potential knowledge and understanding that can be accumulated by investigating the Word, it lacks power if trust isn't present. I kicked and pulled exerting all my energy to reach higher peaks as she cheered me on in pleasure. Amara's fearlessness proved strong when she used my legs to jump in her seat whenever we reached our max height. The first time my heart seemed to lose its bearings in the pit of my stomach. I was amazed at her courage, but immediately realized there's no fear when you know who your father is. When you know the Father, doubt ceases to exist.

Between the conversations and laughter, Amara would scream and point in shock as if she had never seen it before. It would be as simple as a flying bird, a swimming duck, and even the lake itself. The awe in her voice is how I feel when God shows me the common in a different light. I'm astonished at how the Spirit speaks unveiling His Word in due season, even if I've read the passage before. I serve a living God because revelation is always timely.

If you don't find yourself gasping for air at God's breathtaking presence, I would ask myself if I'm truly seeking a personal relationship. It's a weekly occurrence to experience His awesomeness, the move of His mighty arm, and the manifestation of covenantal promises. When we're willing to reframe the inevitable, we can see our Lord drawing us deeper into his infallibility. Like Joseph of Genesis, if we continue to seek Him, He will prove that He will never leave or forsake us.

Even though my legs were growing wearier, Amara urged me to persist. Capitulating to her insatiable energy, I fought the pain to please her. Matthew 7:11-12 showed me that as an earthly father if I'm willing to give her the gift of time at the park, how much more will our Heavenly Father do for us? In our infancy, we should unabatedly search His Word to grab hold of an intimate relationship.

I've found that the most important aspect of God we should look for is His presence. Yes, He is omnipresent, but John 14:21 promises manifestation if we have and keep His commands. The Word explains that we can find this tangible reality by prayer and worship. More than one gospel tells us if we ask, seek, and knock in prayer that we'll receive what we desire. James wrote that if we pray for wisdom God will give generously, much like the man who knocked at midnight until he got what he needed.

John 4:23-24 depicts only true worshippers exalt the Holy One in Spirit and truth. Without the leadership of the Holy Spirit indwelling our hearts and confirmation in the Word of God, we cannot worship properly. Earlier in the chapter, Jesus says He is living water and the bread of life. If we fail to understand that the Spirit is the water that quenches all thirst, and the written Word is the bread that soaks up all other appetites we won't come into the knowledge of true worship.

Remain as infants and rely totally on Him. Bask in His presence, pray, fast, and worship. Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek first the Kingdom, and the God who cannot lie will provide all that we will ever need.


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