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I got some good advice from a friend who encouraged me to start writing my blog and recording my podcast every other week to make room for my story writings. With this new job, I really haven't had the time to do anything but my weekly postings and work. Getting home after 7pm every day I barely have the energy to keep up with everything, let alone write like how I want to.

Doing this blog, podcast, and Think Tuesday's makes me feel as if I have purpose. Working on each leg of my LLC creating a platform for people to see once I finally explode in my rightful lane. I can't wait for the days that I'm solely an author, writing novel after novel and turning my short stories into TV series.

Impossible to accomplish this feat if I'm constantly on the go, running around trying to meet deadlines that I set for myself. They have a point, a good point, I'm pondering whether I should follow the advice or stay on my same path.

I miss working on my novel, I have new ideas everyday, notes that I want to jot down that will increase the value of my story. Sometimes I fear that someone will write the book before I do, racing against time and myself. It's hard being in my mind, hoping that the ideas that float in and out everyday are worth the little time that I do have. I have plenty of ideas that are written down of books that I want to start and even novel series but the problem is, finding time.

That seems to always be my issue, but I'm still loving this new job. Currently, I am getting ready to get soccer season kicked off with practices starting this week. The first game is the 25th and I have to coach a couple teams, the only problem with that is that I don't know anything about soccer. I created a coaches guide for the volunteers and will end up having to use it myself.

There's a semi-professional soccer team that I have been trying to get the players to coach but their coach hasn't informed me on one way or the other. I've had a couple parents tell me how nervous they are about the season because last time the guy in my position didn't have it all together. He claimed that he will coach a team but didn't show up, another parent said that she missed the first game, and a father who wanted to pull his kid out of the entire program.

I had a mother call me and tell me that I was disorganized because a coach that volunteered hadn't reached out to her yet, even though it wasn't a week later. She told me that she wouldn't be able to make the parents meeting and I know for a fact I laid out all the details for her but she insisted on telling me that she didn't know there would be practices.

It really doesn't bother me that much I just hope that she isn't trying to spread that around about my league. She was willing to sign up for basketball for next month so I'm a little confused on her stance about the YMCA. I'm just hoping and praying that this soccer league goes well so that we can retain our participants while adding more. That is the whole goal, and being a non-profit we need to reach our expectations.

At first, things were slow because I didn't have a league up and running but now everything is moving at a fast pace. I'm loving it though, I just recently acquired an intern who is going to help me coach and has helped with other duties. He is adequate, and has the same major as me.

It's almost like raising a kid, in the sense of he's leaning on me for wisdom about the position. I know what I know and can share experiences I've had already at the Y and at previous jobs dealing with sports. I'm continually wondering if I'm giving him good advice, or if he is even listening, or how can I make a difference in this young kids life. He is from a nearby college, and while I remember those days, I still know that he has to keep shooting for the stars.

He and I had to learn how to paint soccer lines for about seven fields. I honestly thought it would take a day or two but I'm realizing the extent of what it takes to complete the job. I had to measure each line and lay down a string so that I can paint over it hoping to make it straight.

I messed up a could times, but for the most part, they were pretty straight. I still have more to do tomorrow morning, but after today I should be good. I believe there's a soccer practice tomorrow night so I have to make sure the lines are done as well as the coach arrives. I finally understand the feeling my old director had from the recreation center, scattering to find coaches for each sport. Having a parent say that they will only to later down the road say that they can't.

A struggle, but at least I got over 90 participants, I'll figure out the rest. Two surrounding leagues canceled theirs due to low numbers and not enough coaches, but I promise you that I would find a way. I'm willing to coordinate with multiple teams in order to keep this league running, maybe they did at the other sites but it doesn't seem like it. The beauty of being in this position, tasked with being able to succeed while being overlooked by a supervisor.

The lady I got hired with and our supervisor came out Friday night before we left and help me paint some more lines. I was grateful that they were willing to sacrifice there Friday for me, they made the entire process smoother.

I had Amara this weekend and we had a blast, didn't do much but stay in the house. I love chasing her around and catching her as she tries to jump off the couch. Amelia was active, but she was nowhere near Amara. My can go all night long, wake up early the next morning, and keep on going. It's a beautiful thing to see, I bet she has as much energy as I used to have.

There's nothing like being a father, the greatest gift God could have ever given me. I had a mother of one of my podcast guest angrily comment and DM me because she claimed the whole podcast was a farce. I simply told her that it was designed to be a safe place for men to talk about their experiences among other things. I will never understand why they need to prove a point to me, I'm not important enough to their situation.

I just know that I will always be here for my daughters, regardless of the obstacle that stands in my way.

Amelia and Amara, I love you more than you can ever imagine.

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